The Power of the Heart

There is a famous book called Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. He talks about the fundamental differences between men and women. Men are wired to be respected by their wives and women are wired to be loved by their husbands. When this gets out of whack, it is a recipe for disaster in a marriage. Many marriages have fallen apart because these two simple things are not done in a marriage.

Some men blow up their marriages by allowing lust to destroy them. Other men, when they do not feel respected by their wives, go and search for respect somewhere else. In Proverbs 5, a father is teaching his son not to stray from the right way. What is fascinating is that his consistent reproof to his son is not to let a woman’s words lure him away. He spends the first 5 verses of chapter 5 admonishing him to stay away from the forbidden woman’s words who “drip honey.”

If a man isn’t finding respect at home, when he finds respect from another woman, it creates attraction to the woman. I heard a pastor in our movement, P. Jim Laffoon, make an interesting observation one time. He said over the years in ministry that he has ministered to men after having an affair, he said he had never seen a man cheat on a woman more beautiful than his own wife. Its fascinating how powerful the human heart is and to what distance we go to satisfy its longings. The heart will not rest until it finds acceptance and respect.

Married men, next time a woman flatters you, respects you or encourages you, be careful what it does to your heart. Protect yourself from the forbidden woman who “drips honey” or you will also experience its aftertaste which is “bitter as poison.”


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