My Pop Weakness

If you know me, you know I am a man of many theories. As a musician and someone who has listened and played many different styles of music over the years, it has refined my musical palette.

I am a self proclaimed music snob. For one to keep up with one’s musical snobbery, you have to talk bad about mainstream music because only cool people with good taste who are real musicians listen to the stuff no one has ever heard of. (Hopefully you are picking up on the sarcastic overtones)

But here is my theory, every musician and music snob has at least one pop weakness. That artist, that when you hear the sugary sweet sounds of that pop music, you just can’t help but smile and enjoy the music. Now most musicians and especially pastors would never do this, but I am secure in my musical taste and my identity in Christ, so I am going to share my pop weakness.

Who is this pop artists that captures my ears every time I hear them? Katy Perry! I must confess, I love Katy Perry’s music, I know its not all Christian, and this is not the time to talk content, but she is my official pop weakness.

Maybe one day she can be one of our worship leaders at SouthCoast Church!


8 thoughts on “My Pop Weakness

  1. Ross, no joke, when I read you title, I was thinking Katy Perry too! I think she’s gotta be anointed or something. Not using her gift to it’s true purpose I don’t think, but yeah. Fire.

  2. I would agree, but only her older stuff. The new stuff is severely lacking. “Waking Up In Vegas” and “Thinking of You.” Where did that stuff go?

  3. I listened to a lot of punk and ska in HS. In college I started listening to Hip Hop a little bit and that has grown slowly over the years. Honestly, never been a huge fan of much pop music. But here and there its wonderful:) I did see Chris Brown live in Miami a few months ago, but that was cause I won some free tickets. It was fun though:)

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