Cancer, FSU Football, Excuses & Coach Bowden

Last week we were all surprised when Coach Bobby Bowden revealed he had been fighting a private battle with prostate cancer in 2007. As an FSU alum and devoted Seminole Football fan, I’ve always had a great admiration and respect for Coach Bowden. As a Christian and pastor I love the fact that Coach Bowden oozes character and is an incredible ambassador for Jesus here on earth.

I know he would never remember but I’ve run into him a few times over the years along with his wife Ann and they have always been very kind, courteous and genuine. No one would argue, even a die hard Gator or Hurricane fan that Coach Bowden is a great man whether or not you agree with his faith in Christ or not. 

If you follow FSU Football at all, the last decade was not on par with the previous decade and up to FSU standards. I was struck the most after hearing Coach Bowden share about his bout with cancer was that it happened in 07. 2007 was a tough year for FSU. We went 7-6, 0-6 according to the NCAA because we had to “vacate wins”…….ridiculous.

Anyways, Coach Bowden never once mentioned, as he was getting lampooned by sports analyst talking heads, catching heat from Boosters, about his cancer. He could have easily pulled the cancer card and shut up the mouths of the haters and lowered the heat level on him and his job. 

My question is what are you using to make excuses for you? Inevitably all of us are feeling some pressure in one area of our lives. Do we make excuses for it, or keep our mouths shut and handle it with integrity like Coach Bowden?


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