Developing Gratitude & Generosity (Part 3 of 3)

This is a little thing that we learned from our Pastor in Washington DC, Mark Batterson. Its really simple, but I love the idea.

Every night as we are going through our nightly routine of reading a story, reading the Bible, praying and seeing some worship songs, we added one little thing to the end. We got a little calendar that we hung on their wall and its their “Thankful” calendar.

Every day, at the end of the day, we ask them what they are thankful for. We write it down on the calendar and then ask them why. Albeit this may be a small little act, we are hoping and praying that it produces big results. I am intentionally trying to hard wire them to think with a thankful heart every day. What we are trying to do is instill that every day, no matter what has happened, we want them to be thankful and have a heart of gratitude.

I am hoping that after years of doing this, when they are old and they lay on their bed at night after life has kicked them in the face that day, instead of the enemy sowing a seed of bitterness or ungratefulness in their heart, they will lay on their bed and thank God for the gifts He has given them that day.


3 thoughts on “Developing Gratitude & Generosity (Part 3 of 3)

  1. “I’m thankful for school!”
    “I’m thankful for Lightning McQueen!”

    Haha, I had some good times with that calendar. Miss you guys! Great to see you blogging again, Ross. 🙂

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