Developing Gratitude & Generosity (Part 1 of 3)

Amy and I are working extra hard on trying to develop a culture of generosity and gratitude in our family. Because I believe that we are fallen as humans and we are born with the spiritual gift of complaining and ungratefulness, we are trying extra hard to counter that. None of these are necessarily time tested things that work, its just what we are doing to try and help out kids have a heart of gratitude. I’d love to hear your ideas of what you’ve done too!

Since we just had Christmas, and that’s one of the biggest tests to see if you’ve done good or not for the year, I’ll share what we do to try and be grateful. By the way, we batted about .500 for our kids attitudes on Christmas morning, we had some victories and a few defeats too.

Since Christmas is all about getting, we wanted to try and place the emphasis on giving. So instead of having a “get” pile of all the things we are “getting” for Christmas, we made “giving” piles and then we got to watch each other and celebrate the giving of gifts rather then the getting of presents.

Now admittedly, this is not a major change, but its a little tweak that we pray will result in a big paradigm shift. I want my kid to have the revelation that giving really is more exciting than receiving.

Some times its these little changes in course that down the road I hope and pray will turn into a different direction.


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