Jesus And Aliens

So recently I had someone stop by the blog and say that I was deceived in my blog about how we can use Toy Story 3 to share the gospel with our kids. They said that I was being set up for the great deception that involves aliens taking over everything. You can read our exchange.

I thought I would post my view on aliens since I was thinking about it. I have no biblical evidence, just pure conjecture of what they are or are not. Come on, who didn’t watch Unsolved Mysteries as a kid and were mesmerized by the alien stories? I always said that if I ever became President, my first question would be, “So, what’s the deal with Area 51?”

So here is my theology on aliens. If aliens are not real, which is what I would believe, I think they are manifestations of demonic spirits when people get “abducted”, I would probably say its an encounter with a demon, that has shown itself like an alien, Sounds crazy, its the best explanation I can think of.

Second if they are real, guess what, Jesus has dominion over aliens too! So we are good either way!


3 thoughts on “Jesus And Aliens

  1. I don’t believe in aliens. It is one of those things that I think would be awesome and I want to believe it (X-Files style), but it is just too far fetched. I think abductees have something going on in their brain. Not necessarily a full on mental illness, but something like sleep paralysis, intense dreams or schizophrenia type things. One of my buddies used to get sleep paralysis, which is where your body is asleep, but you mind is awake. He would see crazy things while it happened, like his model planes flying around his bedroom.

  2. Too funny, Ross! I have a friend that’s deathly afraid of aliens. Seriously, he’s 30 and wets himself at the sight of E.T… E.T.!!! I know there’s probably something to be said for the demonic when refering to aliens, but you’re absolutely right- “if they are real, guess what, Jesus has dominion over aliens too!”

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