So it just kind of dawned on me tonight that our first real launch meeting where there will be content actually taught will take place on October 10th, 2010. Otherwise known as 10-10-10.

There has to be some kind of meaning to this, I mean come on 10-10-10. What an awesome day to start a church! Anyone have a prophetic word for me:)

At least I’ll never forget when we started our church.


8 thoughts on “10-10-10

  1. well the #10 can mean law and order (10 commandments) and the #30 can mean maturity of ministry….Jesus was 30 when his ministry began. its a set of 3…referring to divine completeness…(Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

    just some thoughts. 🙂 so excited for you guys. keep us posted on things. blessings!

  2. Hey Ross,
    There is also a 10-10-10 initiative from the Exponential conference folks and Leadership Network. You might want to look into that.

    in Christ,

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