Sports Allegiances

So I grew up in Panama City Beach, FL. We were 5 hours from New Orleans, 6 hours from Atlanta, 5 hours from Jacksonville, 6 hours from Tampa and 6 hours from Orlando. So needless to say I had no favorite professional sports teams. Our local news probably covered Atanta sports more than others but I always hated the Braves, and I could care less about any other Atlanta sports teams.

When I was in middle school, I was always bothered by the fact I didn’t really have any professional sports teams that I rooted for besides the San Francisco Giants, because Will Clark was my favorite player.

I remember making a conscious decision that I would one day live in a big city and cheer for the teams that were in that city. I lived in LA, but never took to the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, Ducks or Kings. I currently live in DC and I have to say, I like the Nationals. The rest of the teams I am kind of indifferent about. But now, we are moving to Miami.

So finally, decades of waiting to have a favorite professional sports team, and I can finally have four. The Heat, Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers are now my favorite professional sports teams. Can’t wait to start going to the games! I feel good getting that off my chest, its been about 15-20 years in the making.

By the way fellow Seminoles, don’t worry I will always be a Seminole!

Who are your favorite teams?


5 thoughts on “Sports Allegiances

  1. I was kind of the same way. I tried getting into Atlanta sports, but, never really could. Braves games were fun to go to, but, I couldn’t ever really get behind the team that much. I’m lovin’ NY, though. Go Yankees! Go Giants! (I just can’t really get into any Hockey or Basketball teams anywhere, though…).

  2. Growing-up in Tampa the Bucs were so terrible that I became a Dolphins fan so I could root for a winning team (and of course Dan Marinio). Since moving to Northern Virginia and putting down roots though I’ve become a fan of the DC teams (though I do still root for Miami teams when they’re not playing Wasington)

    It’s looking like it might be a good year to be a Heat fan!

  3. Favorite sports teams. Well my kiddo and i are on different wavelenghts.

    Favoirte teams: NHRA John Force Racing, Funny Car
    NHRA Tony Shcumacher, Top Fuel
    NHRA Mike Edwards, Pro Stock
    Nascar Jimmy Johnson & Dale Jr.
    IRL Team Penseke
    Formula 1: McLaren/Mercedes

    Basically any sport that revolves around men and machines which make lots of horsepower and not stick and balls sports.

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