The Gospel & Toy Story 3

So with two little boys in our house, a new Pixar movie coming out has turned into a pretty big deal. They are just getting old enough that they can actually go to a movie and sit there. Aiden does better than Eli, but Eli still holds his own. So when Toy Story 3 came out a few weeks ago, we decided we were gonna take the whole family. Having gift cards helps too.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet! One of my favorite parts in the entire movie is at the end of the movie, all the toys are about to die and get burned up in an incinerator. They are all holding hands, about to go down in flames together. It was actually pretty emotional seeing Woody about to meet his maker, but then out of nowhere all of a sudden the aliens, who have been with us since the first edition of Toy Story, come to the rescue! They control a huge claw that comes and snatches them out and keeps them from burning in the fire. Now if that is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don’t know what is!

On the way home we leveraged this moment for Aiden (Eli is not quite old enough yet) and helped make the connection in his mind that the big claw that rescued them out of the fire is exactly what Jesus did for us. We were on our way to hell, and Jesus came and snatched us away and saved us. It was an incredible moment to share the gospel with my boys. If you think my four year old is too young to learn about hell, than I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

But what an amazing softball Pixar laid out for us parents. If you go to that movie with your kids, and I think you should, if not for that scene alone, it is an amazing moment to share the gospel with your children.


5 thoughts on “The Gospel & Toy Story 3

  1. May I suggest that you have fallen for what I term is the Coming Great Deception. The fact that so-called aliens come in to save the day at the end of the movie is a repeating theme that is used in Knowing, Race to Witch Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, and others. You state that this is the Gospel of Yashua/Jesus. Again, may I suggest that nothing could be further from the truth. We are being set up to embrace the so-called extraterrestrial presence. They will reveal themselves most likely after a nuclear event in the Middle East. They will appear as our creators, come back at this critical time in our evolution. Sadly, like most of the church today, you have been deceived…. L.A.

    • By definition, an ‘extraterrestrial’ is one ot from terra (Earth). So would angels, and even God not qualify as extraterrestrials? In fact, if angels visit Earth and our dimension, as I’m satisfied they do, we constantly have extraterrestrial in our midst. So which extraterrestrial do you make reference to?

  2. LA,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I would suggest this is not about aliens. Its simply a picture of the work that Jesus did for us.

    I believe in Jesus, if there are aliens, guess what, Jesus has dominion over them too:)

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