The Sound Of Victory

Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team. Here is the world’s reaction to Landon Donovan’s winning goal. Soccer may not be every American’s favorite sport, but you can’t say that its not exciting seeing this.


2 thoughts on “The Sound Of Victory

  1. Let’s just say I won’t be hiring Kitchel 22130 to do any videos for me, but, that is darn exciting. I was one of the weirdos sitting by myself watching on my computer as it happened. I definitely could have made this video had I been videoing myself (which I do find kind of odd that the people watching by themselves would video themselves watching a soccer game). But anyway, that was an incredible moment. Wish I could’ve been part of one of those crowds!

  2. Oh dude, come on, you know you want Kitchell 22130 to produce all of your videos, he’s got mad skills:)

    I think the people videoing themselves was after the fact and they went back and re did it, cause like you said, who films themselves watching TV?

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