Focus Mistakes

So if you know me, you know I love music. So much so that I graduated with a degree in music at Florida State.

When I was a kid, my parents made me take piano lessons which I loathed, as all children should, until I got a little older. I started getting pretty good and then I stopped taking lessons because my saxophone playing had begun to consume my time and I was taking lessons for that. I started getting pretty good at saxophone but then I started to take up playing Clarinet. I was still practicing my sax but I was spending a large amount of time practicing my clarinet. I actually ending up being good enough to play in the music school at FSU.

Also in this time, I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar, so I got a guitar, taught myself and figured it out. I don’t say this to brag, but to tell you where I went wrong.

There is nothing wrong with playing multiple instruments and I feel like I actually developed a knack for it. I have enough know how, that I feel like I could pretty much pick up anything and learn how to do it fairly quickly.

But here is what didn’t happen. I was never invited to move to New York City or Nashville and be a studio musician or travel with anyone or offered my own record deals. I have never performed in Carnegie, and not during high school band week for those of you that have. The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts never called and said they wanted me to headline for a show.

I lacked Focus. Sure, I cold be valuable to my local church because I could be a utility guy and fill in on Acoustic Guitar, Keys or even the bass sometimes, but I was never great at any of my instruments. Now, I wasn’t bad by any means, and God gave me the gift, so I stewarded it and developed it pretty well and was better than the average bear.

But, hear what I am saying. If you want serious doors to open in whatever it is, sports, music, academics or whatever else God has called you to, than focus on one thing. The media glorifies the two sport stars, but those guys are 1 in 10,000 that can play professionally in more than one sport. Statistically speaking, its easy to think you can do it when you are a kid and you just happen to be the best soccer player and basketball player in your town, but I promise you will not be the best at both outside of your little town.


4 thoughts on “Focus Mistakes

  1. in the local church context everything will either underline or undermine discipleship. thus the need to ruthlessly eliminate distractions & focus on the one thing that really matters – making disciples.

  2. Great post. I actually felt like that was/is something that GOD was calling me to do in my life as well a little while ago. FOCUS. Great reminder/blog post.


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