WWDC in 5 Minutes

So I am an Apple guy. I would like to say, that I was one before it was cool. I used to get mocked by all my friends when I got my Powerbook G4 over 7.5 years ago. No lie, I still have some emotional wounds. I’ll show them to you sometime. Anyways, this is a cool little video edited down to all the Apple Announcements in under 5 minutes. If you don’t have time to spend an hour watching the full one, or your wife won’t let you, you’re welcome.


6 thoughts on “WWDC in 5 Minutes

  1. Ross, I’m not sure if there is such a think as being an apply fan “before it was cool”. It’s just always been cool. 😉 Thanks for sharing the video!

      • You keep tellin’ yourself that. Everyone else’s seemed to be working fine… 🙂

        I am still an apple computer fan. In fact, we just had a partner buy us a new 13″ MBP, but, you won’t find me with an iPad or iPhone in my hands.

      • Well have fun with your little Android and I’ll be having some Face Time conversations with my real friends:)

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