Separation Of Church And State?

If so, we got a lot of stuff to tear down. Living in D.C., its neat to see all the tributes to God that are etched all over our nations capitol. We visited the Library of Congress a few weeks ago, which is breathtaking by the way. In my opinion, it is by far, the most beautiful building in D.C. The reading room is the prettiest part.

In there, there was something etched in the ceiling that caught my eye. It said, “One God, One Law, One Element, and One Far Off Divine Event to Which the Whole Creation Moves.”

I love this, not a pluralistic worldview of multiple deities, multiple law codes, but one. And one event to which everything is moving to. I interpret this to be the end of time  and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

What a beautiful way to say it. It tells of the story that which God is writing and we are intimately involved in it. Love it. Those dead guys sure had a way of saying things.


2 thoughts on “Separation Of Church And State?

  1. Sooo glad you went to the LoC!! It IS awesome. Not at all like I imagined before I went there.

    Also, check out all the words in the Jefferson Memorial — one of my faves. 🙂

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