Planting Missional Churches

This book is also by Ed Stetzer. This book, next to the Bible, for church planters, is probably the most important book you could read. It is fantastic. Its not a short book by any means but it is well worth your time.

Ed Stetzer seems to write books faster than I can read. He is quite a smart dude. Stetzer talks about everything from church planting in the NT to small groups, to your pre launch phase to your launch and post launch.

He talks much about the philosophy of church planting, different models and methods of church planting and everything you could possibly imagine. There is too much to even summarize what he talks about in this book. Just take my word for it, if you are thinking about planting a church or if you are planting a church, than run to your bookstore or to amazon and go pick this bad boy up.


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