Who Needs Theology?

This book is by Stanley J. Grenz and Roger E. Olsen. Its really just a theological defense of why we need theology. Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite book I have ever read. I’m sure these are great guys and they are obviously passionate about theology.

It was probably me, but I already have a high view of why theology is important, it might be a great book for someone who doesn’t have that conviction. For me, the book comes off a little as two guys, who are trying to save a sinking ship. I almost felt like they are assuming that no one thinks its important and have a hostile view of theology and they are trying to convince us all of why its important.

If you think that theology is not important at all, this book would probably be a good balance for you, if you already understand the importance of theology and scholarship, you could probably pass this one up.


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