Breaking The Missional Code

So I have been reading a lot of church planting books for obvious reasons. This book is by Ed Stetzer, who is basically the guru of church planting in America. This book, is really about one thing, figuring out the “code” for the culture that you are going to plant or minister in and “cracking” it. That is church planting nerd talk for figuring how what style/method of church works in your culture.

Regardless of what style your church is, you are contextualizing it, it may not be working, or it may be, but you are doing it in a certain way. You are either on the cutting edge of the 21st century or the 1980’s or the 18th Century in most cases in America. Its really sad that people hold on to tradition and preference in America and elevate that to make it something holy. Its part of the reason the church is not reaching emerging cultures in our nation.

What is interesting is that in some emerging cultures in America, people are actually wanting a more liturgical church service because they feel it connects them to something bigger and historical, other people want something contemporary. It doesn’t matter as long as whatever you are doing is effective at reaching people and you figure out the unique code in your local culture. As our nation becomes more and more diverse, my prediction is that we will see more and more diverse styles of church to reach diverse groups of people.

I highly recommend this book, if you are  a church planter, or a pastor trying to figure out ho to reach your community, this book is fantastic. It is and will be must read for all current and future staff of ours at SouthCoast Church.


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