Now That’s Missional!

So on our weekly day off recently, Amy, myself and the boys went the Museum of the American Indian. Its one of the Smithsonians and it, as all the others are, is fantastic.

There was a display about Christianity and the Native American and I was struck by this commitment to the gospel by an early settler. I was not aware that the very first complete Bible that was published in America was written in the Massachusett Indian Language. Up-Biblum God (1663) was translated by a gentleman named John Eliot, a congregationalist minister from Roxbury, Massachusetts. Eliot wished to preach to Indians in their own language and so he spent 15 years, learning Massachusett.

Incredible, he was so dedicated to preaching the gospel and translating the entire Bible in their language, he spent 15 years, learning their language and translating the Bible. I hope and pray that we as a microwave, get it now generation, have the diligence and perseverance to translate the gospel to other people groups who have not heard it yet.


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