Drops Like Stars

This book is by Rob Bell. I have such a tumultuous relationship with Rob Bell. I absolutely love him because he may be the best communicator in America and has incredible perspective and always rich insight into scripture.

What rubs me the wrong way sometimes about Rob Bell is sometimes his perspective can tend to be a little too unique if you know what I mean. I can be a little uncomfortable with some of the things he says and how where he goes theologically on certain issues. But regardless, I always read people that I know I will disagree with on certain issues because they make me think and broaden my perspective.

But I will say this about Rob Bell, he keeps me coming back. I keep reading his books and look forward to them. Now first and foremost, this book is huge, like, it is physically big, but you could read it in an hour at a Barnes & Noble which is what I would recommend cause its expensive. (Sorry Rob & Zondervan, its true, the size and artwork are beautiful, but I’m a poor pastor.)

This book is about what he calls, “A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering.”

As he always does, he, Rob Bellifies things and communicates in such a creative way. As a communicator, I am jealous of his ability to make things so palatable and creative.

I would recommend that you go block out an hour and head to your local Barnes & Noble and read this book. I am not going to explain the title or really much more than I’ve said because I feel like I would be giving the book away.

I’m going to do something I generally do not do. I am just going to leave it out there. Leave it hanging. Go read, I think its worth your time.


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