Spiritual Leadership

This book is by J. Oswald Sanders. It is hands down the best book on leadership I have ever read. I’ve read quite a few by the way, this is definitely not the first. I’m honestly a little ashamed to say I had never read this book up to this point cause this is one of those books that “Every Christian leader should read.” For whatever reason, I just never did. Well I am glad I finally read it!

Here is why I liked this book better. Its not a leadership book with lots of principles that just says do this and you will be a better leader. Its about the harsh tough realities of leadership and how much it will cost you. My favorite chapter in the book was called “The Cost of Leadership.” It was such a transparent gut check of, “Are you really ready to make these sacrifices, because this is what it is going to cost you?”

He also does an incredible job marrying the dynamic of spirituality and leadership, which most leadership books neglect. So applicable to my life.

If you read one book on leadership, read this book. You will not regret it. So rich, so much wisdom.

I will have this as part of reading curriculums until Jesus himself returns.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Leadership

  1. Sorry, the name is J. Oswald Sanders, Oswald Chambers is a great guy though too. Thanks Michael Mears for pointing it out to me.

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