An Unstoppable Force

This book is by Erwin McManus who is the lead pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles. Erwin McManus is a true thinker and I believe is on the leading edge of what God is doing around the world. He just gets it and I love that about him. There are lots of strong indictments on the local church in America which I think all are true and need to be heard by the church in America especially. So thankful for minds and people like him who can help call the church back to what she needs to be.

I loved this book. There is too much material in it for me to write about one thing. This  book is about how to develop an apostolic ethos in your church. Its about how to create a culture of movement, a culture of transformation. As Amy and I prayed about SouthCoast down in Miami, the thing that we could not get out of our hearts was that we wanted it to be a movement for God. In fact, our mantra, our slogan if you will, is “Love God, Create A Movement.”

Maybe now you understand why this book resonated with me so much. If the desire of your heart is to be a part of something bigger, to be a part of a movement for God, I would highly recommend this book. This book  is really geared more towards leaders and pastors but I would love for any key leader in my church to read this book. Take note SCC launch team:)

It is a little heady and there are moments in the book where it felt a little long winded. I feel like I honestly need to read it again to really grasp all the concepts and probably will sometime in the future, but I really liked this book, hopefully you will too.


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