This book is by Dino Rizzo, lead pastor of The Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA. This book is really about one thing, serving the poor. Its about starting a revolution for Christ through serving.

The stories in this book are really incredible. I loved the testimonies of what God had done through the servant hearts of their congregation. They were obviously majorly affected by Hurricane Katrina and the stories from them serving were amazing. I actually went over to Mississippi and Louisiana to help volunteer after Katrina and I realized that the organization of churches that I was with was really his brainchild. Kind of neat.

To be perfectly honest, this type of ministry has never been my forte. Actually, I never liked scriptures that talk about caring for the poor because I never felt like I knew what to do and to be honest they were convicting cause I have spent approximately 0.00001% of my life doing much of anything for the poor until I began to serve up here in Washington D.C. at National Community Church. Its been great, its stretched me.

So after I was done repenting for my outright disobedience of not caring for the poor I could actually enjoy this book. Another blog about that coming soon by the way. This book is filled with great ideas and he will completely annihilate any excuse you have for why you are not serving the poor.

Pastor Dino has an incredible heart and I prayed that heart would be imparted to me as I read this book. God is definitely developing a burden for the poor and underprivileged in my heart. In fact, as part of SouthCoast Church from day one, we will have some sort of outreach that is geared to the poor and ultimately I would love to open a Dream Center in Miami in several locations. If you don’t know what that is, you can read here about the one in Los Angeles.

I would highly recommend this book. It gave me lots of great ideas and told some great stories but most importantly continued to cultivate a burden for the poor in my heart.


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