Making Vision Stick

Not much blogging recently, much reading though, this week will be all book reviews. Sorry if you don’t like this aspect of my blog. But remember, “Leaders are readers.” Thanks Johnny Mac.

This little book is by Andy Stanley. Its a short little primer on Vision. Like everything Andy Stanley does related to Leadership, its fantastic.

Leadership and Vision is so much of an art form and he makes it practical, simple and easy for anyone to learn how to cast some vision for whatever organization you are a part of.

I would recommend this book and instead of listing a bunch of his memorable one liners and sentences, I will leave you with my favorite one. I had never thought about this before but I thought it was a fantastic point.

He says, “What people complain about communicates their understanding of the vision.”

If they are complaining about the wrong things than we can diagnose many problems in our ministries or organizations. If people are complaining about the music style changing, they are complaining about the wrong thing. We change styles and minor things like that to make sure that we are communicating the gospel in a way people understand.

If people are complaining about something fundamental in our vision changing, thats a good complaint. They understand the culture and they are identifying it.

Great little book, you can read it in an hour or so. Enjoy. Find a used copy though, its a little pricey for how short it is.


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