Tiger & The American Public

I’ll be honest, the public’s reaction to Tiger’s confession and apology has been frustrating to me. I think the American public and the American church in most cases feels like it has a sense of entitlement to know every dirty detail, have an opinion and be judgemental of celebrities.

Isn’t it hypocritical that everyone, non-Christians too, all shout from the roof tops, “don’t judge, don’t judge,” but when a celebrity does something bad, it suddenly becomes acceptable for every living human under the sun to have an opinion about them. We don’t really have a relationship with them and we see them on TV so for some reason its ok to be judgemental.

Guess what? As long as we do that, we will never have the opportunity to minister to them.

Why don’t we try accepting Tiger’s apology for what it is. An apology, and one that took all responsibility for his infidelity. If he’s not being honest or its a publicity stunt as lots of people are saying, than guess what, God is his judge, not you or me.

If it wasn’t on your time frame, if he didn’t say what you wanted him to say, than keep your mouth shut. Its not our responsibility to pontificate about the motives of his heart.

If Tiger says he’s sorry, than in my mind, he’s sorry. As he said in his press conference, his wife Elin hit it on the head. She said, his apology will be proved not by words he is saying now, but by a life that he lives. Guess what document says that same thing? The Bible.

Yes, Tiger has to earn trust back through his deeds, that’s how it works when you lose trust. But as followers of Christ, its not our responsibility to have opinions about whether he was honest or not but to show him the same grace and mercy that we were shown.


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