Shaun White Inspires Me

Shaun White’s gold medal run inspired me so much last night, I decided to blog about it.

Shaun White is literally in a completely different league than every other snowboarder out there. He made the other, “best guys from around the world” look like they were in the minor leagues. He would get 5-6 feet more air than every other guy out there. He made them look like boys.

I’m no snowboarding expert, although I do know how to snowboard and am actually wearing a Burton Snowboards sweatshirt right now which makes me feel more confident in writing this blog:)

Here’s why I like Shaun White.

  1. He obviously works his tail off to accomplish what he does.
  2. He is an innovator in his sport, he doesn’t accept the status quo but pushes it to new levels.
  3. Even after he already had the gold medal score, he could have skipped his last run, but he did it anyway and did the hardest trick of all in that run, the infamous McTwist and actually got a higher score on his second run, that “didn’t count” than the first.

What I love about his last run that “didn’t count,” is that he could have played it safe, not done a run and won a gold medal, but instead of doing that he went for it.

I think the secret to much of our future success is to not rest on the laurels of our success but go for it and do something crazy even after we’ve “achieved.”

I wonder how many of us will never accomplish what God had for us, because we weren’t risky when we began to experience some success?


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