College Students & Debt

Over the years of being in campus ministry I noticed a disturbing trend in our college students in our campus ministry. Almost none of them had a clue about how to manage money. No one had ever taught them. They were completely ignorant and the nasty, greedy side of our capitalist economic system reared its ugly head and enticed ignorant students into high interest credit cards for something as small as a T-Shirt or a free meal.

A friend, fellow co laborer in ENCM, all around great guy and good looking I might add, Delvin Pikes, posted this link on our EN Staff Intranet. Its a video that Dave Ramsey’s crew produced about college students and debt. There are some seriously disturbing statistics in there. I agree with everything except for the guy pontificating about how students can follow the American Dream. I think the American Dream is a lousy god and  big fat lie. That’s another blog post. But watch the video and if you are in campus ministry than you really need to watch it, cause whether or not you know it, almost all of your students are drowning in debt and Dave Ramsey has produced some great stuff to help them.


2 thoughts on “College Students & Debt

  1. No prob, thought it was a great resource, I’m sure your dad will like it:) Surprised you didn’t already know about it from your dad:)

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