Holy Church Hopping

Now while I in no way advocate church hopping, one of the cool things about being at NCC is that we are over the Saturday night services, so Sunday morning, I have no responsibilities, which is a really weird feeling by the way. So I’ve been utilizing my free Sunday mornings by visiting other churches in the DC Metro area when I am not in the middle of ginormous snowstorms that apparently only strike DC on weekends.

As we are in the planning stages of church planting, I want to experience all different types of expressions in the body of Christ to see how different churches and ministries reach people. So far here in D.C., we have been to Grace Covenant Church in D.C. and Grace Covenant Church in Chantilly, VA, two of our Every Nation churches in D.C. We have been to McLean Bible Church, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, pastored by Mark Dever. Today we went to Covenant Life Church, pastored by Josh Harris. I also spent one Friday night at JHOP, which is walking distance from Ebenezers, NCC‘s coffee shop on the Hill. I’ve also spent a little bit of time with The Fellowship, at one of their properties,  and they have a very unique ministry model.

We are still planning on going to DC Metro Church, The City Church, which is a plant from Judah Smith’s The City Church in Seattle, I believe.

Its been very encouraging so far, every church has its own strengths and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting a broader perspective of the Body Of Christ. Its great to see different churches just being who they are and reaching people, I look forward to more Sunday’s church hopping.

Anyone else know of any other churches I need to check out in D.C.?


9 thoughts on “Holy Church Hopping

  1. You’re going to think I’m joking, but I’m not. Attend a mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Its worth it to experience the art of the building alone! I attended with my brother a few weeks ago when he was in town for the March for Life. I blogged about the experience: http://andysjourney.com/?p=201 For me it was the equation Pastor Mark talks about: Change of pace + Change of place = Change of perspective. So glad I went.

    AND it’s right off the metro! LOL

    • I’ll give it a whirl as long as I dont have to sip out of a cup after someone else for communion, did that once, never again.

      • That’s how they roll there. I don’t take communion in the Catholic Church for two reasons. #1, I’m not allowed to. (Not that they know whether or not you’re Catholic when you go through the line, but I feel it’s a respect issue. It says in the front of their book that I’m not invited to partake in that aspect of the mass, so I respect that) and #2 I feel that in taking communion there, it’d be essentially agreeing with the Catholic perspective on communion.

  2. Ross,

    I envy you. I’m always teaching and don’t get to experience other Churches. Of course a little online helps but you sure don’t get the touch, feel, and smell like you do from the live event.

    I’m glad YOU are getting all the snow. 😉

    Grace Freak
    Dan Rockwell

    • Well I am glad someone is glad I’m getting the snow, cause I’m not:)

      It has been a fun season to get to visit other churches. Never had the opportunity before.

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