Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

This is a book by Pete Scazzero who is the senior pastor of New Life Fellowship in Queens, NY. The first part of it is his process and story of getting saved and “doing the right stuff” but still finding himself with large deficiencies in his family and marriage.

He walks through some signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality.

Things like ignoring our emotions of pain, anger, sadness, etc. Denying our past’s impact on our present reality. Covering over brokenness, weakness and failure and judging other people’s spiritual journey.

This book is absolutely filled with hard questions that really make you examine your emotions and think about how your process every interaction. He talks a lot of contemplative spirituality and how we need to spend time multiple times per day with God. I’m generally pretty good at one, but not more than that unfortunately. He calls it the daily office. We need to take time to reflect and think about what God is doing in our hearts and just consistently laying down all things at his feet.

I feel like a simple blog post is not enough to do this book justice. It honestly is one of the best books I have read in the last 2-3 years. Maybe my favorite next to Prodigal God by Tim Keller.

I would highly, highly recommend this book to anyone. I know that I will be using it as a resource in discipleship for years to come.

I believe that our emotions are so misunderstood by the church, generally speaking. Some churches tell you that they are bad and we shouldn’t have them. Some churches are completely driven by emotion. This is in my opinion is such a healthy view on processing our emotions and managing them.

I strongly believe and have for years that our culture just doesn’t understand emotions and as a culture we are very emotionally immature. This book is a fantastic antidote to this disease. Go buy it now!


3 thoughts on “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

  1. okay. I’m sold! I’m reading this. I enjoy this topic and it’s actually one of my little soap boxes (not ignoring one’s emotions, especially the one’s we’ve been taught to suppress like angry, bitterness, sadness etc). God created these emotions and there are healthy ways to feel them, process through them and to meet Jesus in those places. Look forward to this read. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hopefully it won’t let you down after my sparkling review. The problem might be I just need a lot of help in this area:)

  2. Yes I loved his book too .. well maybe loved is the wrong word as there were parts I hated because they challenged me so much. His book The Emotionally Healthy Church” is an awesome resource too, and he is running a conference end of April “Emotionally Healthy Leadership” that I am seriously considering flying all the way from Sydney Australia to New York to go along. Great stuff .. cheers Brett

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