iPad (Part 1 of 2)

Well, here’s my two cents. The Internet allows speculation to ramp up to such ridiculous levels, that if Steve Jobs said the iPad could fly you to the moon, cure cancer and fix the worldwide hunger crisis, people would still be disappointed. It was almost destined to fail because people have been speculating about this thing for over 5 years.

Technologically as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about who made the processor, I just learned what a gigabyte was a few years ago.

Let’s be honest, a different name would have greatly helped. I’ll keep it real, I laughed almost uncontrollably when I saw that iTampon was trending on Twitter. Hilarious. Hopefully v 2.0 will get rebranded. Just for the fact that I would love to see Steve Jobs get up there and talk about why they rebranded it.

Lesson here for leaders. Under promise and over deliver. Sometimes you can’t help it cause the hype machine, aka. the interwebs, will promise more than you can deliver, and thats not Apple or Steve Jobs fault, you can’t control that.

Tomorrow, I will reveal why the iPad doesn’t have a camera!


One thought on “iPad (Part 1 of 2)

  1. nice thought. I love how everyone (myself included) are Apple/technology experts as if we knew more that a technology company that practically invented personal computing, revolutionized music consumption and digitial sales, along with revolutionizing the mobile phone landscape all in just over 30 years. Yet we all know better.

    it’s awesome fun though. 🙂

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