Leadership Lessons From Bobby Bowden (5 of 6)

Coach Bowden used his job and his platform for a greater purpose. He was always traveling around speaking for other organizations. He spoke all the time for FCA and was always preaching the gospel at his different speaking engagements. He was completely unashamed about his faith, his beliefs and convictions.

As a pastor, he would be my dream person in my congregation. Not because I’m sure he writes a very sizable check every month, but because he is out there, doing ministry. He’s doing what Ephesians 4 tells us to do, works of service, ministry. He was excellent in his job and it gave him a huge platform to do the work of the Kingdom. Who knows how many people he has impacted that never wore a jersey for him? ESPN will tell a few stories of his character, but they will talk about his records, stats and domination for so long in the college football world. But I think God cares about how he stewarded his platform.

Lesson #5 – Be excellent and use whatever platform you have, no matter how big or small not for yourself, but for the Kingdom of God.


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