Leadership Lessons From Bobby Bowden (4 of 6)

I brought up the famous interview with a reporter asking about Peter Warrick’s “discount” in yesterday’s post. Well here is the argument. Coach Bowden came under fire for sometimes giving guys too many chances as if he never dismissed anyone from the team (He kicked off Randy Moss from our team after one offense, before he ever played a game; untrue accusation of Coach Bowden). Guys would get in trouble with the law and he would discipline them and reinstate them if he felt it was appropriate.

Isn’t giving someone a second chance the most godly, merciful thing to do. After all, the Bible does say that God delights in showing mercy to us, I would bet that he delights in us showing mercy to others. While I’m sure every person has their own line of what is appropriate, I completely trust Coach Bowden’s judgement in what he thinks is appropriate, especially since he is a believer. Anybody can be an armchair QB. Many times in sports its like Biblical standards about not judging just don’t apply any more. Funny thing huh? There are two sides to every story and we always know about 25% of every story in my opinion, if that.

Lesson # 4 – Show mercy and love people when they least deserve it. After all that’s what God did for us. You never know what that can unlock in someone’s heart.


2 thoughts on “Leadership Lessons From Bobby Bowden (4 of 6)

  1. Good one.

    Especially liked what you said about not being an armchair QB. It’s not just sports. Seems like this is even more prevalent in politics. It’s as if there’s an understanding that if you choose a life of public service then you are inviting hosts of people to second-guess and villify you, your character, your judgment, and everything else to the nth degree.

    • Very true, politics and sports seem to invite this kind of behavior. I am working on not doing this at all in my life.

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