Leadership Lessons From Bobby Bowden (3 of 6)

Coach Bowden said a very memorable thing at one of his press conferences when reporters asked him about his star Wide Receiver Peter Warrick and his “heavy discount” that he got at the Tallahassee Mall Dillard’s. He said, “I want to know how he got that good of a discount!” While Coach Bowden came under fire sometimes for this type of coment, I’ll defend it in my next post tomorrow, so before you light me up with your snarky comments, hear me out.

An easily overlooked aspect of leadership is having a good sense of humor. I think its vitally important in leadership to be able to laugh at yourself and just have fun in life. Coach Bowden was always laughing at himself.

Lesson #3 – Don’t take yourself to seriously.

You’re probably a little to self conscious and prideful if you can’t laugh at yourself or a situation where you may have messed up. Life will be so lame and boring if you have no fun. Have fun, enjoy life. Coach Bowden always seemed to do this.


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