Leadership Lessons From Bobby Bowden (2 of 6)

So many former players were interviewed commenting on how much Coach Bowden had an impact on their lives. I heard multiple guys say that he was like a father to them and that FSU was a home away from home because of him. This is one of the most important things that Coach Bowden could have done in his career. Over 300 Seminole players came on their own dime to the Gator Bowl for Coach Bowden’s last game. That itself is an amazing testament to his influence and role in their lives.

He was there for them, he lived it, he was a family man, he has 6 children. Many guys needed a role model like this in their lives. I heard a few guys say that he turned men into boys, and while it may be a cliche saying, you cannot overestimate the importance of what he did for young men in some of their most formative years. They needed that fatherly figure, and he was there for many young men when they needed it the most.

Lesson #2 Who am I fathering? We live in a broken culture where divorce runs rampant and half of our kids grow up with no dad in the home and the half that do are lucky if they actually have a dad that fathers them. They estimated that he coached over 3300 players. Thats amazing, to have that much influence over the years in that many people’s lives.

I would consider it one of the greatest privilege’s of my life to have that kind of lasting impact when I go home.


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