My Newfound Love For Learning

I’m a different person than I was in high school. In high school, unfortunately I had the, “just smart enough disease.” I was “smart enough” to get by without studying a lot or working too hard. I was definitely not the smartest in my school or even among my friends. I had little motivation to learn for learnings sake, it was just something else I had to do.

I regret that so much.

I’ve become so much more curious in the last 5 years. I can be interested in just about anything these days, except for working on cars, sorry dad. At least your new son in law likes doing that stuff.

Here’s why. The connect happened for me unfortunately once my education years were over. I began to stand in awe of God with a new found holy curiosity. Its more interesting to learn about nature when you begin to see the thumbprint of God on it. Science, art, architecture, etc. becomes so much more interesting when you see God in everything around you. You see the design, how it all works together, the creativity of the artist, its amazing to me.

God, stir in me a deeper, holy curiosity to see you and know you better as you reveal yourself to me though what you have created.


4 thoughts on “My Newfound Love For Learning

  1. It was when Mansfield was teaching at the school formerly known as the GSCM. Something suddenly clicked for me then and I’ve never been the same since. I can totally relate…

    • If only I wasn’t a punk in Middle and High School…….We’ll never know, I could have been the Valedictorian at Harvard or discovered the cure for cancer, well maybe not….

  2. I totally agree. One of my strenghts in SF was learner. Yet, it was so wasted during my formal schooling years and don’t have much time now raising 3 small boys. It is a comfort to me to know I’ll be freakin’ brilliant when I’m 80. Ha! Enjoyd reading it!

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