Sports Cliches (Part 2 of 2)

Here is simply a list of some of my favorite cliches that have been said as long as I’ve watched sports in no particular order. (My parentheses have been added so that you know when to say these things if you are playing sports.)

1. We’ve got to give it 110%. (The ultimate sports cliche. When was 100% deemed to be not good enough?)

2. We’ve got to leave it all out on the field. (Not even sure what exactly it is that they are leaving on the field or if that makes any logical sense, but it sounds good.)

3. We’ve got to play as a team to win. (The obligatory cliche said by the teams leader.)

4. Football is a game of inches. (Said during every close football game that has ever been played.)

5. This game is down to the wire!

6. Its crunch time.

7. There’s a buck thirty left in regulation. (Spoken generally by aging announcer who is trying to be cool and hip for the kids.)

8. You can’t teach that. (Spoken by old, white people who never had that kind of athletic prowess)

9. That play really took the crowd out of the game.

10. The players have bought into his system. (Spoken when a team is gelling after the GM has brought in a new coach)

11. This team is peaking at just the right time.

12. They are still very much alive for the last playoff spot.

13. This team controls their own destiny. (Spoken when 1/4 of the season is left cause apparently they didn’t control the destiny of the first 3/4 of the season. )

14. They need to establish their running game.

15. They have to take care of the football. (This comment gets my, “Astute command of the obvious cliche.” Like fumbling the ball would ever be a good idea.)

16. They are marching down the field.

17. They can’t cough it up here. (This comment would be the runner up for my, “Astute command of the obvious cliche.”)

18. He heard footsteps.

19. He’ll try to tack on the extra point. (Not sure what it is getting tacked too.)

20. Welcome to the NFL (Laughingly said after a rookie QB takes his first sack.)

21. Looks like we’ve got a player shaken up. (When do we ever describe someone who is sick or injured in real life as shaken up? “)

22. He has ice-water in his veins.

23. This kid really has a nose for the ball. (Does the ball smell good or something?)

24. This kid is all heart. (It would be tough to play sports if the only organ you had was a heart.)

25. This team is searching to find its identity. (The ultimate, I have no idea what this means or has any practicality to it cliche, it just sounds right.)

26. They caught us on an off night. (Spoken by the losing team that is trying to retain some of their dignity and be humble without being completely humble and just saying, “They are a better team.” By placing the two words “off night” at the end, they are still able to imply that they, in fact, could still be the better team, even though they just lost 5 minutes ago and were proved by the score that they were the inferior team.)

27. They were the better team tonight. (Ditto)

28. They’ve had our number all season.

29. I’m really proud of our guys. (Spoken after a tough loss by the coach who knows he’s about to get fired.)

30. We brought our A-Game.

31. We knew what we had to do and we went out there and did it.

32. This win is a building block for us.

33. I’m just happy I could make a contribution.

34. We’ve got the greatest fans in the world.

35. We beat a very good team today. (Spoken by the team that just beat the snot out of another team but doesn’t want to make them look any worse than the score showed.)

36. We’re taking it one game at a time.  (Can’t play two games at once, you kind of have to do that.)

37. They got to him early and often.

38. They have to manufacture some runs.

39. Three up, three down.

40. The tying run is ninety feet away. (Said with grit and determination in the announcers voice in the heat of the 9th inning in a tight baseball game)

Ok, that’s enough, that wore me out. Funny thing is, you and I say lots of those things. I dare you to see if you could have a conversation about sports without using a cliche.

What big ones did I leave out? What are your favorite sports cliches?


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