Sports Cliches (Part 1 of 2)

I love sports, both playing and watching. Unfortunately, I am a more gifted watcher than player.

I think that about 95% of all pre-game, mid-game and post-game interviews are completely worthless. All they are a is series of meaningless exchanges between an unoriginal reporter and a coach/athlete that cannot do anything but recite cliches.

Here is a typical exchange. The reason it sounds familiar, is because its recited like The Westminster Confession of Faith at halftime of every football game that has ever been played since the advent of TV and the mid-game interview, and for some ridiculous reason, I still feel compelled to watch it even though I know what’s coming.

Reporter: “What adjustments do you guys need to make going into halftime?”

Coach/Athlete: “Well, we just need to get out there and execute better, play our game and make tackles.” (Spoken while huffing and puffing cause they are running to the locker room)

Reporter: “What do you think they have done to slow down your offense?”

Coach/Athlete: “Well, we just need to get out there and do what we’ve been doing all week, have some fun, don’t over think the game.” (Note, that they didn’t really answer the question, they just fill it with cliches and run into the locker room, cause truth is, its not that far from the sideline to the tunnel, and a few cliches will get them to where they need to be, at the end of this interview.)

Reporter: “Thanks so much for your time coach, good luck in the second half, back to you Bob!” (Spoken by a young, attractive, female reporter with a beaming smile like she has just fixed world hunger issues kickin’ it back to the studio!)

Anyone have any favorite sports cliche interview moments they would like to share? I’d love to hear them. They are absolutely hilarious to me.

Tomorrow, a list of my favorite sayings in the interviews.


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