Urban Meyer, Stress & Priorities

If you know me at all you know I am a huge Florida State fan, it is my alma mater after all. If you didn’t know that, you don’t know me very well. So as you can imagine, the news of our arch rivals head coach resigning is big news in the Middleton house and in my circles of friends.

This is a tough situation. I feel for Coach Meyer and honestly I have a lot of respect for him after this decision. I can’t imagine having to walk away from the thing you love doing. That would be tough for anyone. I’ve heard stories of the hours that head football coaches put in, stories of guys that would sleep in the office, spend huge amounts of time traveling to recruit, away from your families and what not. Not an easy job. Financially rewarding albeit, but at what cost?

If you haven’t heard the main reason cited for him leaving is heart problems related to stress. That’s scary. These guys are under enormous pressure. I wonder how many other coaches are jealous of Coach Meyer right now, wishing they could do the same thing. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for people, something to give them courage to do the same. You can be at one of the premier college football coaching jobs in the country and leave it all to get your health and family right.

I wonder the same for pastors, how many of you would step down right now if you could? Unfortunately, most pastors are not in the financial place to do that even if they wanted to. I wonder how many business owners, teachers, professors, doctors, etc., wish they could take a break.

The point is, this is a great reminder for all of us. We absolutely have to keep our priorities straight. Here are my priorities, in order of importance.

1. My relationship with God

2. My relationship with my wife

3. My relationship with my kids

4. My relationship with my family and close friends.

5. Coming in a distant fifth, my job.

Do I get these right 100% of the time? No, but this is the order I try to live my life by.

Thanks Coach Meyer for giving people the courage to quit. I know this was a tough situation and decision to make but I cannot imagine the weight that is gone right now. It might be tough now, but I sure bet your kids are excited that hopefully their Dad will be around longer and they will see him more. Can’t go wrong with that.

Ok, enough of this positive Gator stuff, I almost can’t stand myself. Oh yeah and Tim Tebow is a good guy too, he just wore the wrong colors.


3 thoughts on “Urban Meyer, Stress & Priorities

  1. Great thoughts. Meyers was a class act, much less His Holiness Bobby Bowden. As part of the Gator Nation it’s hard to lose both Tebow and Meyer, but we’ll be back!

    • Well, we will see in the long run. I don’t like people waffling on a decision of that caliber. God is the judge of what he needs to do or no do. I’ll leave it up to the big guy to see if he’s doing the right thing.

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