Snow Lessons

Being in a city up north that actually gets snow, I’ve learned a few things. Mind you, this was the 6th worse snowstorm in Washington D.C. ever, so it was pretty bad.

1. Snow is way fun with kids. Snowmen, sledding, snowballs =Fun times.

2.On the other hand, snowballs actually hurt, they are not fluffy balls of snow, they will give you welts and bruises and temporarily blind you when your 4 year old chucks one at your face.

3. Shoveling snow is for the birds. I’m used to not doing yard work between November and March.

4. Having shoveled snow off my car and around it and still not being able to drive it because the road is frozen and their is ice under my tires is lame and annoying.

5. Snow is really gross after a day and life has to happen again and cars drive around.

6. It makes daily mundane tasks way more difficult. It takes us forever to bundle up the offspring and walk down our treacherous driveway.

7. Snow is beautiful. It really does look like a Winter Wonderland.

8. Driving in these kind of conditions is not cool and the roads are terrible.

9. I stand completely amazed at the creativity of our creator. He knows every snowflake and designed all of them. Outstanding. Even the concept to have all the different types of weather and climates around the world is amazing. From snow to rain forests to deserts to beaches. I’m continually amazed.

Just a future word of wisdom to all prospective northern home dwellers. Don’t live in a house that has a 200 foot hill to get to it. The ice that forms is a beast. You will fall.

What are your snow adventures?


4 thoughts on “Snow Lessons

  1. Agreed. It’s not fun being an adult who has to get groceries, get to work, etc. after a snow! Although it IS pretty. The ice is the worst. The big problem is D.C. is not equipped with plows, de-icing material, etc.

  2. Gregg’s parents live in Tahoe. We love to spend Christmas there, but always seem to bring a blizzard with us. One year, we spent ALL day digging our car out of the snow so we could go sledding. Just as we finished, the snow plow came through the neighborhood to clear the roads and left a huge wall of snow at the foot of the driveway. We were so frustrated. This year, Gregg’s parents are coming to Hawaii.

    • Thats hilarious. Too bad nobody had video of that. That’s right out of a movie.

      Hawaii sounds awesome for Christmas.

      Mele Kalikimaka!

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