Where Is The Capitol Again?

I’m not gonna try and turn this into some spiritual lesson. I simply found this hilarious. So earlier last week I was walking home from Alpha at NCC. If you read my blog you know I walk right past the capitol every day. As in, right in front of it.

It was probably about 9:15pm walking right in front of the Capitol and this guys stops me and asks me for directions. So I stop, we chat for a second, and he, an American by the way, proceeds to ask me, “Hey I am looking for this big white building with a dome on the top of it and its called the Capitol.” I’m trying to figure out if he is serious. When I find out that he is dead serious, it took everything within me not to start laughing. I’m just keeping it real.

So very lovingly I point to the “big white building with a dome on the top of it” and say, “Well thats the capitol right there.”

He says, “Oh, thanks man.” I said “see you later.” He walks away and then I proceed to laugh & cry in disbelief that an American standing right in front of the Capitol building that is even on our money, doesn’t even know where it is. (He didn’t have a learning disability by the way, I wouldn’t be writing this or joking about it, if he did. He was a completely sober, seemingly intelligent American)



2 thoughts on “Where Is The Capitol Again?

  1. Enough with the Obama bashing. Give him a break, he is still used to getting policies from the Kremlin that he forgot what our Capitol looks like. 🙂

  2. bahahahahahaha.. reminds me of the leadership retreat a couple years ago with J and grace (i think). J was trying to figure out his person written on his forehead. grace’s clue: the first president. J’s answer: Abraham Lincoln! the answer on the card: Abraham Lincoln. BAHAHAHAHA

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