The Infamous “Open Door”

I think many times in Christianity because of our deep insecurities and need to be validated, we make stuff sound better than it really is. One of the most infamous ways of doing this is talking about, “the open door.”

Nobody has gotten saved, no one is getting discipled, transformation is not happening, but regardless of that we put it in the hype machine called “the open door.”

Here’ my two cents. I’m all for open doors, but why don’t we talk about them after something significant actually happens instead of trying to hype stuff up and get people excited by talking about how many “open doors” we have. My guesses are the “open door” will pale in comparison and it won’t get mentioned at all.

I just don’t remember Jesus giving a testimony about “open doors”, aka, something that hasn’t happened yet. I remember Jesus’ disciples talking a lot about what He did do, not about what hadn’t happened yet.

It seems like sometimes half of our testimonies are about open doors and not about transformation. That doesn’t seem right to me. I may be over reacting, I’m just a little tired of hearing about open doors that end up getting shut later. But they sure were fun to tell at conferences.


2 thoughts on “The Infamous “Open Door”

  1. If our lives are to be Christ-like stories (Gal. 2:20), then we need to be telling crucifixion stories before we tell the resurrection stories. God is more than Grocery market door opener. And there are more to our stories than just the successes or break-throughs. And to not tell those is inauthentic.

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