A Day In The Life

Every day I Metro in to work. (That’s D.C. for Subway) I get off at the Capitol South stop and walk to work @ NCC. This is a longer walk than it would be to take a different route, but I love it.

I have the Capitol  on my left and the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court on my right. Its become my prayer walk everyday. I pray for our politicians and judges to use wisdom and to not seek there own interests (pretty big faith I have in this city:) but rather be true servants to the people of the United States. I pray that they would encounter Jesus in their lives and surrender their lives to him.

I’ve always prayed for our politicians, but honestly, its a lot cooler to walk between all these buildings and pray for them. It makes it more real.

Do you do anything like this? Maybe you should walk up and down the streets of your city or campuses you study on and pray (not weirdly of course) for them, you might find it a refreshing, unique way to intercede for your city.


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