Government Hypocrisy

Isn’t it hilarious how our federal government punishes CEO’s that run their companies into the ground. We bring them to Capitol Hill, rebuke them for flying in company jets and taking big bonuses while taking bailout money, but yet that same standard doesn’t apply to our politicians.

Nancy Pelosi wants a brand new jet for her to galavant across America in that is significantly larger than her predecessors, which cost more money for gas and further reinforces the hypocrisy of leaving a smaller carbon footprint that the left so strongly advocates for.

And the latest, we are trillions of dollars in debt and we decide to approve a healthcare bill that will cost us another 1.1 trillion dollars. We need cutbacks everywhere and yet we continue to spend like we have as much money in the bank as Apple. Its funny how our government chastises others for being fiscally irresponsible but when it comes to them, money just seems to grow on trees, there is absolutely no limit to how much money we will spend. Meanwhile, we take one more step to our country financially imploding on itself.  Don’t deceive yourself that we live in the great superpower of the United States of America where the sun will never set on the history of our mighty empire. It will happen.

If you ask me, its about 5’o clock in the afternoon.



One thought on “Government Hypocrisy

  1. You are so right. How she gets away with all this is beyond me.
    She needs a plane that flies itself for her to pilot. It should
    have no landing gear.I wll make a donation.
    She is killing out country. We should retaliate.

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