God & Kids

I was amazed the other day at the love that was in my heart after my kids had just both been absolutely horrible. Like the spawn of Satan horrible. That’s pretty harsh, but they were being redonkulous. I’m just trying to keep it real people. Stop being so religious. Just keep reading.

We had a rough afternoon, they were crazy disobedient and I’ll be honest, I was mad, I was frustrated and I was just having one of those moments you have as a parent. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.

We put them down for their nap and I prayed, repented, and asked God for grace to have a better attitude and have more patience. I then went into their rooms and it just took one look at them taking their naps and my heart melted all over again. I was in love, I immediately forgot the frustration and the anger in my soul.

I then just had the simple thought of  “Wow, if I as an imperfect, earthly, mortal can love my kids that much, right after they have been bad, I just cannot fathom the love God has for me when I have been acting like the spawn of Satan and have been completely terrible.” The best part is, its immediate, and constant, his love never stops like mine does momentarily.

His mercy and compassion is new every morning and it blows me away.


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