Random Thoughts On Education (Part 2)

Here’s why I don’t think that throwing money in schools will make a huge difference in our education system. I now live in Washington D.C. I’ve been told D.C. has statistically the worst schools in America. After living here for almost two months, I have found that it may be the most compelling place to learn in America. You can’t beat all the Smithsonian Museums and all the history here, its awesome. But yet, it has the worst schools in America. You can keep throwing your money away, that is not going to fix it.

If you can’t be inspired by not just simply reading about the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, but actually going to the National Archives and seeing it with your own eyes, then your pretty much hopeless. I’m not saying that some schools don’t need any more money, I’m just saying its not going to save our education system. It hasn’t yet.

We need parents at home to push their kids, to challenge their kids, to just be there and be good parents. My fear is that our country will waste billions, and these days, trillions of dollars and we will simply see minor changes but nothing will really change. I realize this is not the only thing that needs change, but in my mind it is one of, if not the most, fundamental.

As Linda Richman would say, “I’m feeling verklempt, discuss.”


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On Education (Part 2)

  1. Hmm… interesting thoughts. So you’re saying, a good way to teach is to instill in children a desire to learn? How original. If only the children would share that view. Until then, we must continue to force-feed them everything the government has mandated or else risk the ultimate tragedy of (gasp!) them falling a year behind. (can you imagine? A whole year!)

  2. @ Joel Hansen, by your comment on “force-feeding” I can tell you don’t have children. As any parent would tell you, force-feeding anything will never change the heart. The heart is changed in the home by loving parents. The government should be spending more of our money on training parents then on trying to get little Johnny to like school, which oddly enough sounds like a job for a…(drum roll please)…PARENT!

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