Random Thoughts On Education (Part 1)

I like thinking about how to fix problems. One of the things that is a huge problem in our land is education. We are convinced that smaller class size  for the kids will really make it better. I’m an educator by no means but here is my theory for what its worth.

Class size is important with younger kids, I have two who are almost 4 & 2. When you get a bunch of those little jokers in one room, its insanity. The more self controlled kids get, the easier it is to have more kids in a class. I don’t think class size is so much the issue when kids get older, but rather self dicipline. I think we are trying to put a band-aid on the bigger problem. Are we really doing kids a favor by having “more access to a teacher”? What ever happened to learning on your own? I’ve learned more in the last few years about lots of stuff than I think I ever did in school. It wasn’t the teachers fault, it was mine. I wasn’t disciplined enough. Many times I think its the result of little to no discipline in the home and no father in the home or no father actively fathering his children.

Work hard, be disciplined.


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