Go For It!

As I’ve gotten a little older and more mature in my relationship with God, its interesting to me the things that seem to begin to change theologically and methodologically in my life. Fear not I’m not a heretic now, just subtle things.

One of the things I’ve noticed changing in my heart over the last few years is the desire to just go for it. I think I used to play it safe cause I was scared to fail. But at this point in my life, and I might recant this statement when I’m older and wiser and have even less hair than I already do, but what I mean by that previous statement is simply this: If there is a dream that God has placed in your heart, just go for it, do it! If you fail, at least you won’t regret not trying.

I think more people will regret what they did not do rather than what they did do in many circumstances in their life.

What I think we have to balance in our lives, is what is God calling me to do and what is my desire. I’m not saying that we should run out on a whim and leave all our responsibilities for someone else to worry about, but we can make an exit plan if we feel God calling us to do something.

Many times I think our desires are our callings. Those things that God begins to stir in our hearts are the seedlings of  a calling in our lives.

If you are thinking about embarking on an adventure, just go for it! Give yourself 2-3 years to try something different and just do it, reality is 2-3 years will go by in the blink of an eye and in the span of our lifetime is almost nothing.


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