Transition (Part 2)

I can’t tell you how important closure is. When you end a season of your life and begin a new one, I think its incredibly important to have some event that marks the end of this season. Here’s why.

The Fisher’s, some of our best friends on the whole planet, hosted a going away party for us and invited a ton of people from our church and campus ministry to come. We hung out, ate some food and then many people shared kind words about how much their lives had been impacted by ours. I don’t say this to sound arrogant or boastful, I share to tell you how much it meant to us.

Many times you underestimate the effect that your life can have on someone else’s. The devil will lie to you about the effect your life has had. Things such as you hadn’t really accomplished anything significant or that people would not really miss you. I understand that we need to find our identity in Christ, and I think as a whole I have learned to do that very well, God has delivered me from much insecurity. But there is still a basic human need in my opinion to understand that you have lived a significant life and it hasn’t been wasted. That’s a God desire.

As people were sharing kind and encouraging words, it reminded me that you need moments like this because it creates a sense of closure. Just like at a wedding, many times during the rehearsal dinner people say nice and encouraging words to the bride and groom about their past and their future. I think it helps to tie a nice bow on that season. Its like saying, “We’ve been here with you up to this point, and we’ll be there for you in the future.”

Anyways, I can’t overstate how important and meaningful closure is and was for Amy and I. Thanks to the Fishers, everyone that helped out and all who attended our little get together. We are very appreciative. But now, its time to bring some closure to this post.


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