You’re Favorite Artist Isn’t A Genius

One thing that always bugs me is when people hear a pop star write a song and then call them a genius. Then I remind them that no, they are not a genius. Beethoven was a  genius. Writing entire symphonies in your head, including 60+parts………….while being deaf, is genius.

Here is a great and hilarious example of how ANYBODY can write a pop song. There are very few if any people that we all know of in pop music that are geniuses. From Jay-Z to U2 to Dave Matthews. They may be good musicians and artists, but don’t insult people like Beethoven by putting these guys in the same category as Beethoven’s gift.

Unfortunately, the musicians out there who are musical geniuses I promise you aren’t writing 4 chord pop songs, they ‘re playing Rachmaninoff masterpieces on a Steinway at age 8 and the most we’ll ever see of them is on some morning show where we all gawk at there talent but then go right back to listening to 4 chord 3 minute pop candy.

Enjoy. Thanks to the Deadly Viper guys for this one.


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