You Can’t Outrun Sin

You may have heard about the academic cheating scandal that has tormented my beloved Seminoles. If not, you can read the latest here. I’m not gonna blog about how ridiculous and overbearing the NCAA is as an orgnization, I want to talk about the actions themselves and what we can learn from them.

I can see it happening like this. Some student athletes were taking a test in class and the TA happened to help them out a little too much. Everyone giggled and commented about how awesome this TA was. Little did they know or even dream of the ramifications this thing done in secrecy could have on the entire school.

They probably weren’t thinking that records they very may well stand forever in college football regarding coaching wins are now in jeopardy, national championships could be stripped from the school in addition to loss of scholarships and other penalities.

Isn’t that the way sin is, the little things we do in secret will eventually catch up and be brought into the light. It may take some time for it to happen, but don’t worry it will. The little “white” lies we say, the gossipping, the manipulation will catch up with you.

No matter how hard you run, you will never outrun your sin.

Who you are in secret is who you really are. You are not the polished person that people see at work or on Sunday mornings. Let’s make sure we take holiness and character serious, otherwise we’ll pay for it one day.

I hope and pray that by the end of my life and my family’s life, the man I really am and the family we are will come forth and that I will never have anything to hide or be ashamed of.


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Outrun Sin

  1. Thanks Sam,

    Grammar fail noted and changed:) If you would like to be my professional editor I’ll just send my blogs over to you first:)

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