The Blinding Light Of Positivity

I am a cup is half full kind of guy which many people would regard as a good thing. By nature I’m not a pessimist or a skeptic, I generally believe people and take them for their word.

Over the years I’ve realized you can’t always do that. One thing I’ve seen and witnessed time and time again in the media, in business, in church, in any organization, is that positivity can be a blinding force that actually keeps us from the truth.

I’ve been asking myself, are there any areas where I need to take that blinding light and point it in the other direction so that I can better deal with reality?

I’m not saying become a negative, pessimistic, skeptic. I’m just saying lower your lumens so you can see reality.


One thought on “The Blinding Light Of Positivity

  1. Yes, I believe you are correct, Ross. We can, at times, become “drunk” in our own positivity, too out of touch with realty. But God’s reality is, I’ve found, most positive. It’s not circumstantial; transcendent joy, peace and hope is readily available.

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