How The Irish Saved Civilization

This book is by Thomas Cahill. I’ll just be straight up, he is way more intelligent than me. I think I need to read a World History for Dummies book. He referenced so many battles and wars that I should totally know that I didn’t have a clue of.

The original reason I read this book was in preparation for a message I did at my church,  Every Nation Tallahassee on St. Patrick. A large majority of this book is about St. Patrick and his influence in the nation of Ireland. Just in case you were wondering, St. Patrick was a baller. I think I’m gonna get tatted up with something Celtic, cause he’s a bad…..yeah he’s that awesome.

I’m not gonna type it all, it would be way to long, if you want some of the history and my application just go listen to my message right here.

But the book itself is pretty intellectual, so prepare to have your cranium expanded if you want to take on this beast. The best thing about this book is that its just an unbelievable testimony to the sovereignty of God over the nations of the earth and the spreading of the gospel.

God is at work everywhere and in all nations, this book is an awesome story to seeing how God used a barbaric people of warring clans to turn the world upside down and literally save civilization. They scribed, preserved documents that would have otherwise been lost and spread the gospel all over the globe, breaking down so many paradigms in the church.

They also brew some fantastic beer, I mean I’ve heard they make good beer. Anyways, the church universal would not be what it was if it wasn’t for the brave people literally almost two thousand years ago. Here’s to you, hairy, red headed, feisty Irishmen!

Great book, I would highly recommend it, but do a cursory reading of world history first.


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